A programmer sitting in front of a computer


  • Languages: Python, R, Java
  • Frameworks: Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe, Scikit, Pandas, Numpy

Our expertise

  • Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, SVMs and xgboost.
  • Image recognition using convolutional neural network (YOLO).
  • Logistic regression with multiple variables.
  • Natural language processing and recurrent models.
  • Hyperspectral image classification using Principal Components Regression (PCR).
  • Anomaly Detection.
  • Idea
  • Design
  • Dev & QA
  • Deploy
  • Maintenance

See cases


Developing an Ethereum-powered application management and tracking dashboard for hemp industry

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Blockchain platform

Building a blockchain-based system for connecting airlines and travel agencies

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Realty blockchain

Designing and developing a prototype for recording real estate rights on Ethereum

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